Contribution of Eastern Christianity to Development of Theology of Environment

  • Paul Haffner Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome


Christian theology of creation contributes to the solution of ecological
crisis, as a confirmation of the fundamental truth that the
visible creature is a divine gift in itself, a “genuine gift” that creates
“space” for personal communion. As a matter of fact, the correct
Christian ecological theology is in the application of theology of creation.
The term “ecology” combines two Greek words, oikos (house)
and logos (word): physical environment of human existence can
be seen as a kind of “habitat” for human life. Bearing in mind that
the inner life of the Holy Trinity implies communion, the divine act
of creation is absolutely free from the necessity of creating the participants
who would take part in that communion. Therefore, it is
possible to assert that the divine community has found its “habitat”
in the created cosmos and it is possible to speak of the universe as
a meeting place for the purpose of personal communion. This article
provides insight into the contribution of Eastern Christianity to the
theology of environment.

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