Learning and Study as Values in the Context of Student Survey Statements


  • Małgorzata Pachowicz, Ph.D. State Higher Vocational School in Tarnow


Generation Z, Gen Z, Post-Millennials, Generation Connected


A student in the year 2015 is a person born at the end of the nineties in the previous century and belongs to the generation labelled as ‘Z’ (short for Polish “Zawsze online” - always online) or ‘C’ (stemming from connected or change). These terms describe clearly the generation of the digital era as being continually accompanied by mobile devices that allow them to be continuously present and active in the social media. This generation of students matures in “the era of a very fast technological transformation that alters the face of civilization (…) in two realities, actual and virtual. Personal computers are “their world” and on most occasions they have better knowledge of them than previous generations. The internet serves mainly as entertainment, though they can use its potential to study and work (…). In the light of the above-mentioned characteristics of the digital era youth, a question arises about values important for the students of the twenty first century. As Małgorzata Dubis points out: “values recognised by a person are a factor decisive for his conduct. They (…) determine the selection of life goals and create the basic criteria for choices made when a situation calls for them. Furtheremore, they assign a meaning to life. This is essential to function in this world”.

Author Biography

Małgorzata Pachowicz, Ph.D., State Higher Vocational School in Tarnow

Małgorzata Pachowicz, PhD in linguistics, an academic teacher in Polish Philology Department at State Higher Vocational School in Tarnów. Fields of study: modern linguistics, sociolinguistics, pragmalinguistics, language in the media and the culture of language in the media, the theory of Polish language teaching.






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