• Stanko Gerjolj Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana


Trouble, Moses, Jesus, cross, faith, relationships


The history of mankind knows a lot of crisis situations and pandemic fears of one kind or another. Already at the beginning of the Bible, we can find a description of a crisis of pandemic proportions, when we read the story of the “general” flood. So, when “water reaches our throats” due to various insurmountable causes, we speak about a crisis. In such situations, one often reacts first with “negation”. Sometimes it even pretends for a long time that there is no crisis. In such moments, we need the most trusted person, who is also stable and sensitive enough to dare to “break” in front of him. Sometimes it is only “brokenness” that wakes us up to become ready to make certain changes in life. Only when a human being is ready to accept the painful reality of the crisis will he/she be open to the next step consisting of seeking and receiving help. The process of accepting a difficult situation can encourage a person in crisis to try to find a deeper message in it, and perhaps even meaning of life. In such an inner transformation, he/she will feel how he/she enriches and strengthens his neighbors by designing a crisis.

Numerous biblical personalities, who do not stumble in any crisis and resolve every difficult situation in open communication with God, can effectively stimulate not only a theological but also a psychological view of the crisis.