Marulić’s proposal for Christian Education



Marulić, humanism, humanists, Christian ethics, education


In the first part of the article the author presents the main characteristics of Renaissance humanism, a movement that significantly flourished just at the time when Marko Marulić lived and worked. A fundamental feature of that period was the quest for a “universal man”, with the idea of recreating him through the revival of the wisdom of classical Greco- -Roman culture. Marulić, along with other Christian humanists sought for the realization of the ideal “universal man” recognizing him in Jesus Christ, unlike others. For Marulić, true education is only Christian education that comes down from “above”, from God, and it is the only one that guarantees the achievement of ultimate happiness, which is what Christianity calls “eternal life”  In the last part of the article the author expounds Marulić’s thought on raising children and points out that the humanist of Split, in harmony with the Holy Scripture, advises reward and punishment, praise and rebuke which supported by good and bad examples, enables him to synthesize the fundamental features of biblical and humanistic education






Differet dimensions of religious education