Beauty of Visual Art as a Pathway towards God


  • Elżbieta Osewska, Ph.D. State Higher Vocational School in Tarnow


Theology of beauty, visual art, meaning of life, Religious Education


Beauty and art are supposed to help a human being to open his/her deeper sight and to interpret the world and his life by pointing to the depth of his/her existence. Consequently, looking for the sense of life, and slowly responding to this sense one becomes able to find something beyond visible signs. The author of this article seeks to answer the questions: Can beauty be helpful to discover God and fulfil the aims and tasks of Religious Educations? Do the symbols and images call for a new reception? Is Beauty the gate or pathway for spiritual experience for a human being living in 21st Century in the postmodern context? What is the relationship between faith (understood as an existential experience, cultural fact, personal experience and the point of reference for a community) and beauty? What type of pedagogy, language and ways do we need to use to present God to contemporary human beings?






Holistic approach to religious education