Care for common home

  • Mladen Parlov Universtity of Split, Catholic Faculty of Theology


The issue of the environment has become one of the most pervasive
and challenging topics in contemporary society. It is addressed
by eco-activists, economists, politicians, media, churchmen, in
short, almost everyone. Modern media, especially in their digital formats
and editions, have indeed reduced the world to a “global village”,
so that certain issues become global in the blink of an eye. And
the impression is that the environmental issue is one of the most
represented. Of course, it is not excluded that some of these global
issues, including the issue of the environment, are being imposed by
hidden centres of power for their own gain and purpose. But regardless
of public or secret agendas, hidden or known power centres,
the issue of environmental protection is a matter that Catholic theology
must also address.

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