“Environmental issue” in the Perspective of Theological Anthropology

  • Giovanni Ancona The Pontifical Urban University, Rome


The article introduces a fundamental theological reflection on
the subject of “environment”, viewed in the context of theological
anthropology. Following the introduction and systematic presentation
of key theological contributions (J. Moltmann, Ch. Boureux),
the article addresses some of the points that necessarily arise from
theological reflection on the doctrine of creation in relation to the
“environmental issue”: to examine the relationship between man
and the created world (epistemological vision), to more effectively
focus on the idea of creation as a historical and salvific event (theological
vision), to insist on the pastoral nature of the created from
the perspective of man (anthropological vision), to bring into focus
the idea that the created world is a gift and its relation to human
endeavour (cultural vision), to emphasize the ethics of responsibility
towards the created world (ethical-moral vision), to regain the sense
of Sunday “rest” in the context of creation (eschatological vision).

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