The Draft of Eco-spirituality According to Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Sì

  • Mladen Parlov Universtity of Split, Catholic Faculty of Theology


In the wake of the Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato sì which
talks about the Earth as a common home of all people, the author
offers a draft of ecological spirituality. The beginning of true
eco-spirituality is ecological conversion, which is nothing else but
a renewed consciousness that from our faith and encounter with
Jesus Christ we also ought to change our relationship with the world
around us. Ecological conversion should help the faithful to repeatedly
and correctly develop their awareness of having been created,
of their own immersion into the world of creatures with which
they are interconnected. Correct ecological attitude leads to internal
balance of the man himself, to solidarity with others, to natural
balance of all living beings and to spiritual balance with God. Ecological
awareness can help not only to preserve the environment,
which is one of the basic goals, but also to change the way of behaviour,
which can raise the quality of life of both the individual and
the family. Ecological spirituality understands and lives the sacraments
in a new way, as a means of salvation and sanctification,
because in the sacraments God uses the visible matter in order to
communicate his (invisible) grace. Eco-spirituality calls for upbringing
and adopting new attitudes in the lives of contemporary Christians
which need to help them to properly treat the created world.

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