Ecology in New Religiosity. Some Observations by Željko Mardešić

  • Anđelko Domazet Universtity of Split, Catholic Faculty of Theology


Our intention is to show the problem of ecology in new religiosity
according to the thoughts of Željko Mardešić, a sociologist of
religion. Starting from the phenomenological and anthropological
analysis of the sacred in post modernity, he analyzes the emergence
of new religiosity and its social effects. In that context, he panoramically
and synthetically deals with the emergence of ecological
themes in new religious movements: from Adventists and apocalyptic
communities through the groups of Eco Life, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesha,
Hare Krishna, Sai Baba to the French Aumists Mandaron
and great spiritual currents of the New Age. Mardešić concludes that
any involvement in the social effects of religion necessarily includes
religious discovery of ecology in post modernity. Both new religiosity
and ecology appear as criticism and correction of the disastrous
effects of modernity, and advocate for holistic anthropology and
pantheistic worldview.

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