Blessed Virgin Mary – a sign of hope in Roman liturgy


  • Dinko Aračić


Mary; a sign of hope; Feast of Our Lady; Roman Liturgy; Divine Office;


Among the titles with which the Church praises the Blessed
Virgin Mary in Roman liturgy are also the appellations of Mary
such as a sign of hope, the dawn of hope and the mother of hope.
In the main part, the author discusses the use of these names
in Eucharistic celebrations and in the Divine Office, precisely
in the Feasts of the Immaculate Conception, the Marian Birth
and Assumption, Queen Mary and in the common celebrations
of the Blessed Virgin Mary as well as in the Prayer Salve Regina.
A brief display and interpretation explain the liturgical use
of these names in the collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin
Mary and in the celebration of St. Mary on Saturday. The conclusion
underlines the fact that a new orientation of the Church’s
teachings about Jesus’ Mother decisively influences the formulation
and proposal of liturgical texts for the Marian celebrations,
giving them a Christological and Ecclesiological character.

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