Cultural development of mass communication


  • Luka Balvan


mass communication; cultural aspect; mass media discourse; media imperialism; ethics of mass communication; cultural perspective


The article presents the early beginnings of mass communication
in the context of time and social importance and points out
that, in the sense of culture, the development of mass communication
is deeply associated with the birth of culture and everything
that it carries. The following is a description of what mass
communication implies, when it comes to what exactly media are considered to be massive.The relationship between mass media
and cultural discourse is also considered, as it is difficult to
imagine a cultural identity in a society mediated by mass media
communication and the appreciation of their contribution to cultural
goods.There is a shorter overview of the global media market
with an overview of the operations of media organizations and
their market concentration. Along with media imperialism and
criticism of mass culture, the impact on the youth, the ethics of
mass communication and the discursive media power within the
cultural perspective are considered.

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